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AthLife Performance strives to help everyone regardless of age, gender or ability to unleash their inner athlete

Group CLasses

Body and Band
One of the best kept secrets of athletic training! Athletes have been using bands to lower the impact of exercises and help lessen stress placed on joints. This makes it a perfect training tool for anyone who's looking to workout after recovering from an injury, recruit muscle fibres or build strength. If all of that does not convince you, we are sure you've seen these bands being used in Instagram with #bootylife in the caption. Come build your gluteal muscles!
AthLife's Performance HIIT: Endurance class is designed to challenge your aerobic system. Longer rounds with complex moves for anyone who's looking to build the cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. Develop the ability to sustain a high level of muscular effort over a prolonged period of time in this class!
Athlife's Performance HIIT: Power class teaches athletes to develop the ability to produce large amounts of force in a short period of time or change directions quickly. Develop explosive and reactive strength, the ability to transfer force, storage and reutilization of elastic energy, and enhanced neuromuscular efficiency in this class. The next time you have to move out of the way or catch yourself stepping off a curb, the training from this class might come in handy.
Challenge your balance in this class with unilateral, ipsilateral and contralateral training. By using proprioceptively enriched movements and exercises with kettlebells and slam balls, an athlete's balance, stability and coordination is challenged to increase neuromuscular recruitment.
sports performance

sports performance

AthLife Performance has helped athletes and sport teams to catapult themselves over the competition with the help of science-based strength and conditioning, biomechanics improvement, gender-based performance training and data, injury prevention, and wearable technology. Taking into account different physiological aspects of sport and performance, AthLife Performance can help any athlete regardless of age, gender or sport to achieve their potential.

athletic developent

athletic development

AthLife Performance’s Athletic Development program caters to the weekend warrior who is looking to live an active lifestyle or as we say here, #AthLifestyle. Using a systematic and holistic approach in an integrated manner to develop the complete athlete, AthLife Performance’s Athletic Development program helps every individual develop strength, power, speed, agility, endurance and flexibility.

online coaching

online coaching

Train with AthLife Performance from anywhere in the world through our tailor made online coaching program.